Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Electric Details...

Details about the upcoming Pet Shop Boys album have just been released! I can't wait to buy this!!!

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys new album, Electric, will now be released worldwide on July 15th (international dates vary) and is the first to appear on their own label x2 through Kobalt Label Services. The Pet Shop Boys intend to release all of their future albums on x2 (pronounced "times two").

Produced by Stuart Price, Electric features nine tracks in total – eight brand new songs plus a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s "The last to die" - and has a running length of 50 minutes. The British singer and rapper, Example, performs on one track, "Thursday". The album was recorded in London, Berlin and Los Angeles over the last six months with one track, "Fluorescent", written and recorded within the last month. Neil and Chris comment: “Our latest album often evolves as a response to our previous album and, whereas Elysium had a reflective mood, Electric is pretty banging! And working with Stuart Price on a studio album is something we have wanted to do for a very long time."

When the Pet Shop Boys began working with Price, they made it clear that they wanted to make a "dance record". Price stated that his goal was for every track to have a "euphoric, fresh feel to it"

Price added: "Making Electric was an exciting experience. We recorded it between Berlin, London and Los Angeles using various techniques between old school synth and drum machine programming and new school computer mangling. For me it was a chance to work with two people who shaped so much of my musical taste, yet who keep on pushing farther in both a natural and unexpected fashion. Disco (from 1986) was an album that always spoke to me because it blended song arrangements with dancefloor mixes, and that is what Electric felt like to make. Allowing songs to be full length without considering the pop rules, disregarding classic structures and instead just working instinctively on what was fun and danceable."

Pet Shop Boys: Electric (Vinyl)

The album will be released on both CD and vinyl. The artwork is by Farrow.

Pet Shop Boys 'Axis' Artwork

The album's opening track (and the first single), "Axis", can be heard and purchased online now. No word yet on physical releases.

The albums full track-listing is:

1. Axis
2. Bolshy
3. Love is a bourgeois construct
4. Fluorescent
5. Inside a dream
6. The last to die
7. Shouting in the evening
8. Thursday (featuring Example)
9. Vocal          


In 1978 British singer Dee D Jackson released her second (and most successful single), "Automatic Lover". The song topped the charts in France, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Spain and Turkey. Additionally, the single peaked at #4 in the UK and #5 in Germany, becoming the singers signature hit.

She released  her debut album, the science/disco filled Cosmic Curves, later in 1978. She scored a few more hits in several European countries during the next few years, but "Automatic Lover" remains her only UK hit. And here it is:

Monday, April 29, 2013


A new Diana Ross compilation will be released on May 21st as a part of the Playlist series. The disc will include remastered tracks from both her Motown and RCA years. While there are no rarities included, fans will be pleased to see that "Pieces Of Ice" is included (for the first time on a compilation).


1. Love Hangover
2. Upside Down
3. I'm Coming Out
4. Endless Love
5. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
6. Mirror, Mirror
7. Work That Body
8. Muscles
9. Pieces of Ice
10. All Of You
11. Swept Away
12. Missing You
13. Chain Reaction
14. Eaten Alive

For fans and collectors, there are a few more releases coming out:

Vinyl replicas on CD of An Evening With and The Boss are coming out on July 16th. There are no extra tracks, but An Evening With has been out of print for years and is very hard to come by on CD - so this release is especially welcome! Released in very limited quantities, fans should snap these up quickly if they don't want to miss out...

From the same series, several Supremes albums are coming out on CD ( the same date, July 16th):

Finally: a version of Meet The Supremes is to be released on May 20th, with a brand new cover and five bonus tracks. This is however not an official Motown release - this debut album from the group has now fallen into public domain, meaning that other labels (such as Soul Jam, who are releasing this) can put out their own releases.

Tracklist has not been reveled yet, but here is the cover: 


The song is about as bad as it's title (and that cover). Perfect for the Galaxy then ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


It is the officially the first day of summer!

I may be stuck inside, reading for a test tomorrow. But the queen of summer is here to launch the season: Senora Gloria Estefan.

"Mi Tierra" was the first single from her 1993 album of the same name. Both the single and the album became a commercial and critical success, and both remain very high on my Gloria favorites list. So, it may still be over a month until I can really celebrate the summer (with eight weeks off from school), but this is still a rather fabulous way to start the season!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Amii Stewart made it big back in 1979 when she released the now classic disco track "Knock On Wood", along with her debut album. However, by the time she released her second album later the same year it seemed that her time in the spotlight was already running out.

"Jealousy" from her second album is still a pretty fun song, despite only making it to #58 on the UK charts. The song did better in various European countries, especially the Netherlands and Italy.

Amii continued to release music and she scored some hits (especially in Italy) during the first half of the 80s. But like what happens so often with people that score a massive hit at the start of their career, she will always be remembered for her debut single.

I still love this one!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


After a long, hard week it is finally weekend. And to help us celebrate we have the Swedish Bananarama: the lovely Lili & Susie.

"Candy Love" was one of their earliest singles, released in 1986. Much more laid back then most of their biggest hits, the same can not be said for their outfits (or dance moves!) in this TV performance from Dutch TV show TopPop. But it just wouldn't be the girls without the extra tackiness on top ;) I do adore them...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Night To Remember...

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NEW YORK — Motown’s memory lane wound its way up the red carpet and into Broadway history Sunday night.

On an evening that testified to the enduring magic of the Detroit-born legacy, an A-list crowd that included Diana Ross, Bono, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Sting gathered for the opening of “Motown: The Musical,” as the show vies to become the next Broadway smash.

“This is exciting, huh?” Ross said as she greeted friends on her way into the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. By intermission, she was dabbing away tears and exchanging hugs with Motown founder and former flame Berry Gordy Jr. after watching their young lives together unfold onstage.

Sunday’s celebrity audience watched a feel-good show that’s brisk and vivacious, with dozens of whirling, twirling musical numbers to punctuate the tale of Motown Records at the hands of Gordy. Gordy, who wrote and produced the musical, was a focal point out on the red carpet outside the Lunt-Fontanne, festooned in Motown gold.

But on a night that drew figures from Jane Fonda to Red Foo to Kathie Lee Gifford, it was Ross who by far drew the biggest screams from the hundreds of fans gathered across 46th Street. Her former Supremes compatriot Mary Wilson had made her way down the red carpet 20 minutes earlier, voicing her support for Gordy’s Broadway debut — “one of those things where dreams do come true. There are a lot of different sides to a story,” said Wilson. “I’m glad Berry finally got a chance to tell his.”

Straight and safe, “Motown” probably won’t be transforming the dramatic arts. But the show’s three hours offer proud and poignant moments for anyone with an emotional investment in Motown and Detroit history. “Magnifico,” Spike Lee said at intermission.“So much fun,” said Sting. “You can’t fail with that music.”

For a Sunday audience that included many of the figures being portrayed onstage, it was often a deeply moving experience. Motown producer-songwriter Eddie Holland got teary eyed while “reliving the emotions of the greatest experience of my life.It depicts the spirit of the company, the struggles, the camaraderie,” he said. “It relived something that was almost unimaginable to have happened in the first place.”

Pegged as a hit

Three years after the label notched its 50th anniversary, the show is a test of the Motown brand — and a chance to refuel the label’s mythology in a grand new setting. While critics’ reviews this week will set the show’s reputation in the theater world, consensus among Broadway watchers is that “Motown” is on track to be a hit. Producers and investors are banking millions that the show will become a long-running hit at the Lunt-Fontanne, just around the corner from Times Square.

The story opens at rehearsals for 1983’s “Motown 25” television special in L.A., as Gordy wrestles with the prospect of selling the company and “turning back on a dream.” From there Detroit is the main setting as the musical flashes back to trace Gordy’s rise amid doubters and civil rights struggles, as Motown and its homegrown stars become the face of black crossover pop.

Much of the story’s drama derives from Gordy’s battles with the strong women in his life: his sister Esther Edwards, business partner Suzanne de Passe and — most important — Ross. Gordy’s mentorship and romance with the Supremes star becomes the show’s pivotal undercurrent. Brandon Victor Dixon is solid as an approachable, sympathetic Gordy, while Valisia LeKae makes for a dynamic Ross, who grows from coy schoolgirl to powerful diva over the story’s 25-year timeline.

As you’d expect — and hope — the musical numbers are the big highlight, a rat-a-tat-tat run through 55 Motown hits. Sunday’s crowd had boisterous applause for ebullient ensemble numbers such as “Dancing in the Street” and the entrance of a boyhood Michael Jackson, played charmingly by young Raymond Luke JrThe show taps many of the best-known touchstones from Motown lore: The $800 Gordy family loan. The barrier-breaking Motortown Revues. The freewheeling quality-control meetings where records got green-lighted or nixed. For many Detroiters, details such as the Flame Show Bar and disc jockey Tom Clay will prompt knowing nods.

While not every Motown act gets lengthy face time — the show whisks through folks such as the Marvelettes and Martha Reeves — some behind-the-scenes figures become prominent, colorful characters, including talent chief Mickey Stevenson, artist manager Shelley Berger and sales head Barney Ales.The show might get picked over by Motown zealots on one front and theater purists on another: For the former, there may be too much Gordy; for the latter, too little story. But with its uplifting energy and barrage of familiar tunes, “Motown” seems designed for a sweet spot that will appeal to tourists and everyday theatergoers craving a shot of nostalgic entertainment. Show officials are already trumpeting big stats: Every performance sold out during the four-week preview run leading into Sunday night, tallying more than $1 million each week — a first for a show starting cold on Broadway.

Before the stars moved to the Roseland Ballroom for an after-party, a lengthy curtain call closed the show as one by one, Motown stars headed onto the stage to join the cast. First was a grinning Gordy, followed by Ross, who made a beeline for actress LeKae and enveloped her in an adoring hug — perhaps the biggest endorsement a diva can dole out. It was their first meeting. The crowd was soon joined by Smokey Robinson, then Stevie Wonder, then Mary Wilson — who pasted a kiss with her fingertips on Ross’s cheek.

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Before the guests and cast sang out the night with “Dancing in the Street,” Gordy offered a final thought about his triumphant night: “All I want to do is thank you for sharing my dream.”


A 25 minute video (including Miss Ross) can be seen here

Monday, April 15, 2013


Kylie Minogue has revelaed that her new album is "almost finished". She revealed that work is almost complete on her 12th studio release in a backstage interview at the 2013 Logo NewNowNext Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend. The singer attended the awards to collect the 'Dancefloor Hero' award. She was presented with the accolade by close friend and Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears.

In the backstage interview, Minogue revealed that she was almost tempted to focus on acting rather than making the new LP. It was suggested that she may take an extended hiatus from her music career following her 25th anniversary celebrations last year.  "I didn't ever really consider giving up completely, but I was kind of seduced into going back to the acting world. But music brought me back and I'm so happy, it's just been a very different experience recording here in Los Angeles."

Minogue has worked with a number of new producers on the follow-up to 2010's Aphrodite, including Stargate and Darkchild. The album is expected to come out later this year.

For more pics and all the latest Kylie info, visit Shine On And On


Here is the Vince Patersson documentary I posted about a few days ago. I haven't watched it yet, but after seeing some clips from it I must say that Vince seems a bit full of himself, taking credit for things he had nothing to do with.

For example, he claims it was his decision to have the dancers in "Like A Virgin" wear cone bras. It was, according to several people, Madonna's idea which he had nothing to do with. But here is the documentary.



Ah, La Camilla. After being fired (the first time) from Army Of Lovers, the diva released a solo single in 1992. Complete with lips, boobs, half naked male models and her (actual) man voice, the future saint delivered a song that the Army could have been proud of (in fact, it was included on the first Greatest Hits compilation by the group a few years later when La Camilla rejoined them).

She may have been very much down on her luck in recent years (she spent several years living on the streets in Sweden, among other things), but I still think she's fabulous! Just don't lie to her...

Sunday, April 14, 2013


1986. Madonna. Stephen Bray. And Nick Kamen?

Yes, Madonna had written "Each Time You Break My Heart" together with Stephen for the True Blue album, but decided not to use it (along with "Spotlight", which was released the year after on the You Can Dance album). Madonna's version of "Each Time..." has never been released, but a low quality rough demo leaked some years ago.

So, the song was given to lucky Nick who had made a big splash as a model in a Levi's commercial where he stripped down to his boxers. I wonder what M saw in him... ;)

The song became a sizable hit. In the UK the song peaked at #5 and it went top ten in several other countries, including Germany, France and Italy.

Madonna is featured on the backing vocals of the song. She would provide backing vocals for him again when he released the first single from his followup album two years later.

And the Madonna demo:

Saturday, April 13, 2013


It is always fun to hear songs that I had completely forgotten about. This one is an excellent example.

"Guardian Angel" is a 1983 song by Drafi Deutcher, released under the artist name Masquerade. The song became a hit in various countries in Europe, including Germany where it peaked at #2. I had completely forgotten about the song (although I loved it back in the day), until I came across this video a couple of weeks ago. And of course in true 80s fashion, it as all a bit over the top. Apparently the "singers" are actors who had nothing to with the vocals on the song.

A massive blast from the past for little old me...

Friday, April 12, 2013


Some fantastic never before seen footage from the rehearsals of Madonna's legendary Blond Ambition tour has surfaced, taken from a new documentary about legendary choreographer Vince Paterson. Have a look:


The trailer for the documentary:

Can't believe it has been 23 years since M launched what was to become one of the greatest and most influential concert tours of all times. I still remember seeing the very first photos from Japan. She had the ponytail and together with the Gaultier costumes she looked almost like a person from another planet.

Now, if only us fans could get an official release on DVD/BR of this tour!

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