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It's that time again: another candle on the birthday cake (pretty soon the cake will be too small for the candles!). And who else to mark the occasion then the queen herself.

"Live To Tell" was a very important moment in Madonna's career. It represented a turning point, both music and image wise. No one expected that her first release after the hugely successful Like A Virgin album would sound anything like this.

After Madonna finished The Virgin Tour, she asked producers Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray to write some songs with her to and produce her third studio album, True Blue (1986). "Live to Tell" was originally written by Leonard for the soundtrack of Paramount's romantic drama film Fire with Fire. "My managers represented the guy who was directing the film; it was his first film. I saw a little piece of the film, and I had the script. I wrote a theme and I said, 'What if I could get Madonna to write the lyrics for it?'", said Leonard.

However, Paramount rejected the song, believing that Leonard was incapable of creating the score for the film. It was then that Leonard presented the song to Madonna. She decided to use it for At Close Range, the new film of her then-husband, actor Sean Penn. Madonna wrote the lyrics of the song on the spot, and made recorded the song alone in a studio in one take (which is the one used on the record). She presented the song to the film's director James Foley, who after hearing the track, decided to enlist Leonard as the person to write the score for the film, as per suggestions by Madonna.

Leonard later recalled that "it was so innocent and so shy. It's as naive, as raw, as raw can be and that's part of what gave it all its charm. Madonna has a special fondness for the song and years later said it was probably the best thing she had ever done.

The song became a big success, and so did Madonna's new image. She said at the time:

"After a while I got sick of wearing tons of jewelry—I wanted to clean myself off. I see my new look as very innocent and feminine and unadorned. It makes me feel good. Growing up, I admired the kind of beautiful glamorous woman—from Brigitte Bardot to Grace Kelly—who doesn't seem to be around much anymore. I think it's time for that kind of glamor to come back. In pop music generally, people have one image. You get pigeonholed. I'm lucky enough to be able to change and still be accepted. If you think about it, that's what they do in the movies; play a part, change characters, looks and attitudes. I guess I do it to entertain myself."

The song went to #1 in the US and topped the European singles chart while peaking at #2 in the UK. It remains one of Madonna's best (and most personal) songs to date.

I have a tale to tell
Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well
I was not ready for the fall
Too blind to see the writing on the wall

A man can tell a thousand lies
I've learned my lesson well
Hope I live to tell
The secret I have learned, 'till then
It will burn inside of me

I know where beauty lives
I've seen it once, I know the warm she gives
The light that you could never see
It shines inside, you can't take that from me

A man can tell a thousand lies
I've learned my lesson well
Hope I live to tell
The secret I have learned, 'till then
It will burn inside of me

The truth is never far behind
You kept it hidden well
If I live to tell
The secret I knew then
Will I ever have the chance again

If I ran away, I'd never have the strength
To go very far
How would they hear the beating of my heart
Will it grow cold
The secret that I hide, will I grow old
How will they hear
When will they learn
How will they know

A man can tell a thousand lies
I've learned my lesson well
Hope I live to tell
The secret I have learned, 'till then
It will burn inside of me

The truth is never far behind
You kept it hidden well
If I live to tell
The secret I knew then
Will I ever have the chance again


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I constantly find it amazing how much hatred can be found in the internet. Message boards and all that fucking social media gives people the perfect opportunity to sit behind their computers and spew out hatred, gossip and pure lies. People that don't even know each other get into disputes that often last for days, if not weeks - calling each other every bad name in the book, often even forgetting how the whole thing even started.

This is often very visible when it comes to discussion of celebrities online. Ignorant people who have no basic knowledge about the facts of the matters still think they are qualified to comment on everything and everyone, passing judgment on people they have never met. I do my best to stay away from online discussions because they always seem to end the same way. News articles are often filled with comments from people who feel the need to take the time to click on the link, read the article and then leave a comment like "who cares" and "why are people still writing about that person" etc. Yet they took the time to read the whole thing and then leave one of those ignorant comments?

I came across an excellent article I would like to share:

The Gays vs. The Grammys.
27 01 2014

A friend from New York City posted the following status update this morning, “If only people would have as much courage to stand up to their enemies as vigorously as they try to rip apart their allies.” My feelings toward the social media commentary (from a particular segment of the population), regarding last night’s Grammy Awards, had been perfectly captured.

Ah, award shows. A time-honored tradition that I had pretty much written off once the music industry segued from recognizing the innovative in favor of the commercial (that’s an article for another day). With that said, I had very little interest in any aspect of the 2014 Grammy Awards until I came across a blurb about a scheduled performance of Macklemore’s marriage equality anthem, “Same Love.” The rendition was also set to feature the track’s collaborators, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert, as well as Madonna and Queen Latifah (the latter would be the officiant during a mass wedding ceremony to take place during the performance).

Color me intrigued. The social and political ramifications following a live broadcast of over 30 couples (both heterosexual and homosexual) exchanging vows during a performance of an immensely successful and mainstream pop single were too tempting to ignore. I elected to rely on various social media feeds to recap the show and then tune in once the performance in question was about to begin.


My Facebook news feed is mainly comprised of the opinions and rantings of gay men that I’ve met over the years. Some I have known for over a decade. Others I have met in passing, once or twice. The one thing that we all have in common is that we are part of a community that has, unquestionably, been subjected to harassment, insults, inequality, and disparaging comments for as long as memory serves.

We are also more than just casually aware of the rising epidemic of teenage suicide due to an increase in both the brutality involved with bullying and new methods with which to do it… namely, social media.

After having my visual senses assaulted by a flood of vicious commentary aimed at various performers at last night’s ceremony, I am suggesting that some of these acquaintances in the gay community look up the word “hypocrisy” in the dictionary.

A large segment of last night’s cyber-vitriol was hurled towards the physical appearance of 17-year-old, Lorde. The New Zealand native is one of the indie-pop scene’s newest darlings and has even earned the praise of David Bowie (note to haters: all of her talent aside, just garnering the approval of Ziggy Stardust makes her better than you). I would like to reiterate the fact that she is a 17-year-old girl. A 17-year-old girl with a penchant for the arts. I would actually be critical if she was NOT taking the liberty of being creative with her wardrobe and makeup to express herself. What I found interesting about the abuse directed at Lorde was that it made me question how much, if any, of that would be aimed at the likes of Lady Gaga if she walked out onstage in a similar look.

Further insults flew in the direction of older musical legends like Willie Nelson, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, and Carole King. Again, all based on physical appearances. I suppose this can be chalked up to the ignorance that many 20-something-year-old gays have when it comes to, not only the artistic merits of these accomplished individuals, but also their contributions to gay rights over the years. A simple Google search would reveal the very outspoken support for gay rights by both Nelson and Ono. Apparently, when an older generation of heterosexual music icons lend their voices against bigotry, they are thanked by being referred to as looking like a “redneck crackhead” or an “Oriental woman dancing like she’s having a seizure.”


“Same Love”

I was especially surprised at some of the nasty references to both Madonna and Mary Lambert, two of the co-performers during “Same Love.” You would never guess that the gay community held these two women in any sort of esteem with gratitude for their support of marriage equality. Mary Lambert’s weight was an easy target for some as was Madonna’s cosmetic surgery and use of a cane due to a recent foot injury.

By the time “Same Love” came and went, any excitement I had for the performance had waned due to the sheer ugliness floating through cyberspace towards many folks who have had the community’s back when very few others did. Some of these individuals have done more for gay rights and AIDS awareness than most of us could ever attempt to do in our lifetime.

Most of the folks slinging these comments would, undoubtedly, claim they were just “joking around” and being “witty.” You know who else said they were “joking around”? The cretins who drove Jamey Rodemeyer and Tyler Clementi to suicide. Remind me how we are any better than them? And, no, the likelihood (or lack, thereof) of these celebrities committing suicide in the wake of cyber-bullying does not give people the proverbial “green light” to eviscerate them via the internet. That line of defense is so weak it would get you laughed off of a 9th grade debate team.

I would also like to point out that a key element in the definition of “witty” is “inventive.” None of the comments that I read last night were even remotely inventive. Instead, most were just cruel and shallow and did nothing but further perpetuate unfortunate stereotypes about the gay community.

The next time we are looking for support from the straight community against anti-gay politicians, bigots, or bullies, we should ask ourselves, “Why would they support us if this is how we show our appreciation?”

Original article

Very, very well said! And perhaps the person who wrote this will log out of the bloody Facebook account next time and just watch the show - without the running commentary!

Divas On The Road...

Cher will be joined by Cyndi Lauper for select dates on her upcoming tour.

The singers will play 36 dates across North America as part of the Dressed To Kill tour, with Lauper's run to begin from April 23 at Buffalo's First Niagra Centre in New York.

"I'm SO THRILLED 2 Be Working With CYNDI Again....She's an INCREDIBLE ARTIST...&&..SHE'S ADORABLE," Cher tweeted following the announcement.

Lauper will serve as special guest on the tour right up to the final date on July 11, at the Valley View Casino Centre in San Diego, California.

BUt that's not all! Cher will be joined by Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo for the first 13 dates of her  tour, which starts on March 22 at the US Airways Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cher's new tour is in support of her recent album Closer to the Truth, which peaked at number three in the US and four in the UK.

Cher's full North American Dressed To Kill tour dates are as follows:

Dates with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo as special guests

March 22 – Phoenix, AZ (US Airways Centre)
March 24 – Houston, TX (Toyota Centre)
March 26 – Dallas, TX (American Airlines Centre)
March 28 – Little Rock, AR (Verizon Arena)
March 29 – Tulsa, OK (BOK Centre)
March 31 – Nashville, TN (Bridgestone Arena)
April 2 – Pittsburgh, PA (Consol Energy Centre)
April 4 – Washington DC (Verizon Centre)
April 5 – Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun
April 7 – Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centere)
April 9 – Boston, MA (TD Garden)
April 11 – Indianapolis, IN (Bankers Life Fieldhouse)
April 12 – Detroit, MI (Joe Louis Arena)

Dates with Cyndi Lauper as special guest

April 23 – Buffalo, NY (First Niagara Centre)
April 25 – Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
April 26 – Ottawa, ON (Canada Tire Centere)
April 28 – Philadelphia, PA (Wells Fargo Centre)
April 30 – Columbus, OH (Nationwide Arena)
May 2 – Cleveland, OH (Quicken Loans Arena)
May 5 – Charlotte, NC (Times Warner Cable Arena)
May 7 – Raleigh, NC (PNC Arena)
May 9 – Brooklyn, NY (Barclays Centre)
May 10 – East Rutherford, NJ (Izod Centre)
May 12 – Atlanta, GA (Philips Arena)
May 14 – Jacksonville, FL (Veterans Memorial Arena)
May 16 – Orlando, FL (Amway Centre)
May 17 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL (BB&T Centre)
May 25 – Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand)
May 28 – Denver, CO (Pepsi Centre)
May 30 – Lincoln, NE (Pinnacle Bank Arena)
May 31 – Kansas City, MO (Sprint Centre)
June 2 – Louisville, KY (KFC Yum! Centre)
June 4 – St. Louis, MO (Scottrade Centre)
June 6 – Milwaukee, WI (BMO Harris Bradley Centre)
June 7 – Chicago, IL (Allstate Arena)
June 9 – Des Moines, IA (Wells Fargo Arena)
June 11 – Minneapolis, MN (Target Centre)
June 20 – Winnipeg, MB (MTS Centere)
June 21 – Saskatoon, SK (Credit Union Centere)
June 23 – Edmonton, AB (Rexall Place
June 25 – Calgary, AB (Scotiabank Saddledome)
June 27 – Vancouver, BC (Rogers Arena)
June 28 – Seattle, WA (Key Arena)
June 30 – Portland, OR (Moda Centre)
July 2 – San Jose, CA (SAP Centre) at San Jose
July 5 – Ontario, CA (Citizens Business Bank Arena)
July 7 – Los Angeles, CA (Staples Centre)
July 9 – Anaheim, CA (Honda Centre)

July 11 – San Diego, CA (Valley View Casino Centre)

Cyndi Lauper (who I have thankfully seen live) and Pat Benatar?!?!?!?! As if I wasn't crushed enough already over not going... Hopefully Cher will play Europe as well!


Lana Del Rey has an incredible amount of unreleased songs (loads who have found their way online) - and now there are even more!

Two EP's, recorded around the time of her very first album Sirens (under the name of May Jailer) have just leaked:

From The End:
Out With a Bang
Bad Disease
For You
How Do You Know Me So Well
Try Tonight
Dear Elliot
Drive By

Quiet Now:
You, Mister
Junky Pride
There's Nothing To Be Sorry About
More Mountains

In Wendy

Download the EP's here

Don't Tell Them...

Madonna appeared on MTV's Miley Cyrus Unplugged which aired last night. They performed a medley of "Don't Tell Me/We Can't Stop". 

While I am thrilled to have Madonna back doing live performances in TV, I just hope her next one won't involve bloody Rihanna or Katy Perry or something...

Here is the performance:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Freedom Fighters...

Madonna by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott on #GirlGoneWild video set #outtake #onset
credit: Madennis

Madonna is a busy girl these days!

She will introduce Masha and Nadya, two members of Russia’s Pussy Riot art collective, at Amnesty International’s Bringing Human Rights Home concert taking place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Wednesday February 5, it was announced today by Amnesty International.

Madonna commented…

I am honored to introduce my fellow freedom fighters Masha and Nadya from Pussy Riot. I have admired their courage and have long supported their commitment and the sacrifices they have made in the name of freedom of expression and human rights.

Tickets are on sale from Ticketmaster. Other confirmed acts include Imagine Dragons, The Flaming Lips, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Tegan and Sara, The Fray, Cold War Kids, Colbie Caillat and Cake. Masha and Nadya were imprisoned for their participation in the Pussy Riot art collective. Hundreds of thousands of online actions by Amnesty International supporters helped bring about their freedom.

Madonna, a longstanding defender of the Pussy Riot art collective’s right to speak out in defiance of restrictions in their homeland, is part of a star-studded tradition of prominent artists using the power of music to articulate their support for human rights on behalf of Amnesty International.

The announcement follows Madonna's performance at the Grammys on Sunday and her guest appearance with Miley Cyrus at a MTV Unplugged recording two days later (which will air tonight).


The SOTD is one of my favorite 90s dance songs - "Your Loving Arms" by German singer Billie Ray Martin.

Miss Martin was signed to East West Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music. In the US, Martin was signed to Seymour Stein’s Sire Records. The first release on her contract was "Your Loving Arms" (with Dave Ball and Richard Norris of The Grid producing). The track gave her the title of 'the Marlene Dietrich of techno' from Select.

The single reached #38 on the UK charts in November 1994 , but continued for months to be a club hit. On subsequent re-release the song peaked at No. 6 in the UK Singles Chart in May 1995. In the US, a Junior Vasquez mix helped the song strike the Billboard Hot 100 twice, peaking at No. 87 in 1995 and at No. 46 a year later. Further mixes by Todd Terry and Brothers in Rhythm helped the song become a success across Europe, for example reaching #1 in Italy. It also topped the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and is now considered by many one of the all-time classics of dance music. It remains Miss Martin's biggest hit single to date.


Lana Del Rey has described her forthcoming album Ultra Violence as "so dark it's almost unlistenable".
The star responded to fans' questions on Twitter about her upcoming LP, which she also confirmed she has finished working on.

"The record is finished and it's beautiful," she said. "And don't worry you will love ultra it's so wrong and exquisite. It is absolutely gorgeous - darker then the first - so dark it's almost unlistenable and wrong. But I love it.

Del Rey recently announced the title of her new album at a press conference, which is thought to be a reference to the book and film A Clockwork Orange.

Earlier this week she debuted her cover of Sleeping Beauty classic "Once Upon A Dream" for Disney's upcoming movie Maleficent.

Needless to say, I can't wait for the album!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


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This I did not see coming:“Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged” is set to air on January 29 and will feature Madonna as a surprise guest performer, according to E! Online:

Get ready for the pop music world to implode! E! Online can exclusively reveal that Miley Cyrus' surprise guest performer for her upcoming MTV Unplugged special is none other than Madonna! Yes, Miley and Madonna singing together!

Sources tell E! Online that the two were on a Hollywood soundstage earlier Monday rehearsing the collaboration.

No word on what exactly they'll be performing, but does it really matter? They could read the telephone book together and the world would watch and listen.

Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged tapes Tuesday and will air on the music network Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

'The performance will showcase a more intimate side of Cyrus and feature surprise guests for an unexpected re-invention of the songs that have defined her career, including several from her #1 critically acclaimed album, Bangerz,' MTV said in a press release last week. 'Miley and her fans have always had an intimate and direct connection through her music, personality and no-holds-barred attitude and the Unplugged stage will serve as the perfect platform for her to show viewers what inspires and ignites her music and her passions.'

Since its debut in 1989, Unplugged has showcased Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Adele and Florence + The Machine.

From E! Online UK

Considering that I can't stand Miley, this is not the most exiting news ever! But it is really good to have Madonna back on TV performing, so I will be looking forward to this...

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It's happening - filming took place last night. Madonna did "Don't Tell Me", mashed up with some Miley song. The performance will be broadcast tonight. Expect a lot of tongue...


The Weather Girls’ 1980s classic, "It’s Raining Men", looks set to re-enter the UK Top 20 on Sunday. The track has been propelled back into the Official Singles Chart thanks to a social media campaign in response to derogatory comments made by a UKIP councillor about marriage equality.

In an open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, which was published in The Henley Standard newspaper earlier this month, then UKIP councillor David Silvester claimed that the UK’s recent spate of bad weather was a direct reaction to last year’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act.

"Since the passage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, the nation has been beset by serious storms and floods,” Silvester wrote. “This is not new. This happened in the Old Testament – they were warned if they turned against God there would be pestilence, there would be war, there would be disasters."

While Silvester has since been suspended from the party for his comments, the public have nevertheless rallied round to register their distain in a very British way – by setting up a social media campaign to try to get "It’s Raining Men" back into the Official Singles Chart!

“We believe that the show of strength to get a song to Number 1 will create a huge spotlight on our campaign for equality as a whole,” Darren Pop, one of the campaign’s organisers told “The song, if you like, is our catalyst and part of the bigger message. For decades now, this song has been used as a gay anthem. We thought it fitted all the better based on the UKIP councillor's comments.”

According to the Official Charts Company latest sales data, "It’s Raining Men" is currently at Number 21 on this morning’s Official Singles Chart sales flash, and is less than 40 copies off the Number 20 spot. It is likely to continue to climb up the Top 40 as the week continues, and the campaign gathers momentum. So while the UK will experience highs of seven degrees this weekend, on the Official Singles Chart Top 20, it will be raining men. (Hallelujah!)

As much as I despise those "social media campaigns" that try to manipulate the charts, I do think it is a fun way to bring the focus on the issue - and how great to see the girls back in the charts!


The Weather Girls’ "It’s Raining Men" was originally released in the UK in 1983. The track peaked at Number 73 on the Official Singles Chart, before being re-released the following year where it reached Number 2. The song reached the #1 spot on the US Dance Club Play charts.

Martha Wash from the group teamed up with RuPaul in 1998 and took a re-recorded version of the hit, dubbed "It’s Raining Men… The Sequel", to Number 21. There was also the best forgotten cover by Geri Halliwell...

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Once Upon A Dream...

The utterly fabulous Lana Del Rey has just revealed a new song!

"Once Upon A Dream" (originally from the animated Sleeping Beauty) is featured in the movie Maleficent. Lady Lana is expected to release her new album Ultra-Violence later this year (September is the rumored release month at the moment).


It's been a while since I posted a batch of new/recent tracks that I'm enjoying these days. As always, it is a mix of the fabulous, the tacky and everything in between. Enjoy!

PS: a shout out to the fabulous Jon over at Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle, who drew my attention to some of the artists. Do check out his excellent blog!


Kylie Minogue 'Kiss Me Once' artwork

Here is the tracklist for the special edition of the new Kylie Minogue album, Kiss Me Once:

1. Into The Blue
2. Million Miles
3. I Was Gonna Cancel
4. Sexy Love
5. Sexercize
6. Feels So Good
7. If Only
8. Les Sex
9. Kiss Me Once
10. Beautiful (feat. Enrique Iglesias)
11. Fine
12. Mr President (Bonus)
13. Sleeping With The Enemy (Bonus)

Into The Blue (Video)
Into The Blue (Making the video)
Into The Blue (Trailer)
Behind the scenes of the Kiss Me Once photoshoot
Kylie on Kiss Me Once

The Japanese deluxe edition will have two additional bonus tracks: 

Golden Boy

The album comes out on March 17th. The first single, "Into The Blue", premiers on radio today. The deluxe CD+DVD version of the album can now be pre-ordered on

Here is the official lyrics video for "Into The Blue"! The actual video is set to premiere on February 3rd.

The full press release:


“[Into The Blue] is the best pop single you’ll hear all year”
– Huffington Post

“Into The Blue is the classic Kylie single you’ve been waiting for”

Kylie releases her brand new album ‘Kiss Me Once’ on Parlophone on March 17. The first single, the shimmeringly anthemic ‘Into The Blue’, has moved forward to March 9 after the track leaked online last weekend - generating a huge buzz on Twitter, and Popjustice instantly awarding it 9/10.

‘Into The Blue’ will feature remixes by Vanilla Ace, Roger Sanchez and Patrick Haggenar. The lyric video is online (see below).

The official video, which features actor Clement Sibony, will be revealed soon.

‘Kiss Me Once’ is Kylie’s first studio album since 2010’s ‘Aphrodite’, and her first since signing to Roc Nation Management. The album, a definite return to the dance floor after 2012’s ‘Abbey Road Sessions’, was executive produced by Kylie and Sia, who co-wrote the title track.

Kylie also teams up with Pharrell Williams (who wrote and produced ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’). Other producers include Ariel Rechtshaid (HAIM) on ‘If Only’, MNEK on ‘Feels So Good’, and Greg Kurstin on bonus track ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’.

Kylie said: "Making this album was quite a journey but I loved it! It was through a time in my life where there were a lot of changes and new beginnings. I’m thrilled with the response to "Into The Blue", and I can’t wait for you hear the rest of the record!"

Kylie made a triumphant debut as a coach on The Voice UK recently, with The Guardian exclaiming that she “single-handedly revived the show” as it pulled in record viewing figures. She is also coaching on The Voice Australia, which began filming this year.

‘Kiss Me Once’ will be available in standard and deluxe editions. The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

1. Into The Blue
2. Million Miles
3. I Was Gonna Cancel
4. Sexy Love
5. Sexercize
6. Feels So Good
7. If Only
8. Les Sex
9. Kiss Me Once

The deluxe edition will include the following bonus tracks along with exclusive video footage:

12.Mr President (bonus track)
13.Sleeping With The Enemy (bonus track)
For further information:
Murray Chalmers PR


Into The Blue 7" Vinyl Single

The "Into The Blue" 7" can be pre-ordered from for 4,99 - limited to 1.500 copies! It will be released on March 10th and includes a b-side called "Sparks"! And then there is this beauty:

Kiss Me Once Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set






Pre-order this item. Release date: 17 March 2014


It took my quite a while to place my order for these items - the site works very slowly, so I suspect there are a lot of Kylie fans placing their orders right now.

Kiss Me Once Vinyl with CD and download

There will also be a LP-only release (which includes a CD copy) for those who want the cheaper way to get the vinyl. Fingers crossed that fans will also get a CD single/12" for "Into The Blue"...

Meanwhile, Kylie has revealed that she "burst into tears" whilst working with Pharrell Williams on her new album. The singer, who worked on her 12th studio LP Kiss Me Once in Los Angeles, admitted she was having a bad day before getting in the studio with the singer and hit producer but remained determined to keep herself together.

"It was a dream come true because I've wanted to work with him for a long time," she told Captial FM whilst co-hosting their Breakfast Show. "I had two days with him, and we did two songs, one of which is on my album and it's called "I Was Gonna Cancel".

"Because I was having the worst day, you know… when you're having one of those days. Everything was too much!" She continued. "So my second day going in I was literally talking to myself saying 'keep it together, this is a very important day, it's Pharrell'… And then I burst into tears as soon as I got there.

That's why he wrote 'I Was Gonna Cancel' because I really didn't feel like going, but I kind of had to go." 

Minogue added that she enjoyed working with some who "not only has the Midas touch at the moment, but he's Pharrell, come on! We'd all love to spend a day in the studio with him."

It seems that Kylie will be going on tour this year, according to UNCONFIRMED reports - dates in UK and Europe in October. Tickets to go on sale it March.

Meanwhile, the first promo CD for "Into The Blue" has surfaced on e-bay - at the ludicrous price of 100 pounds!

Same Love...

Madonna at the Grammys

Madonna joined forces with Macklemore & Lewis for a performance that included a televised mass wedding at the 56th annual Grammy Awards. The spectacle saw the ensemble introduce 34 couples who tied the knot live on international television, in a ceremony officiated by Queen Latifah.

The couples were a cross-section of people from all ages, races and sexual orientations, including Lewis's own sister and her boyfriend.

Lewis told The New York Times before tonight's show that the weddings represent "the ultimate statement of equality, that all the couples are entitled to the same exact thing".

Madonna rocked the red carpet at the 56th Grammy Awards, joined by her son David BandaTalking to Ryan Seacrest on the E!'s special, she revealed that young David was the inspiration behind their twin outfits, both from Ralph Lauren.

David himself confirmed, telling Ryan "Yes, I did. Yes, very well". "For this look, I followed his lead," said Madonna. "He dressed me tonight. He wanted me to dress like him, so I obeyed him."

Embedded image permalink

Madonna was also wearing her much talked-about grill. "Yeah, I’m grilling," she replied when asked about her gold teeth. "It pisses everyone off when I wear my grill, so that’s why I wear it - when it matches my outfit". The diva hurt her leg just a few days ago and was wearing a cane at the ceremony.

When asked about the groundbreaking event before the show, Madonna stumbled over her words, saying: "I was told not to say anything. I mean, I wouldn't do any old song with any old artist, but history is going to be made tonight," she finally revealed.

From rehearsals:

Madonna at the Grammys rehearsal
Madonna at the Grammys rehearsal

Some reviews:

BEST: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Madonna, Queen Latifah
The Grammys is usually where artists strive to please everyone. But despite knowing full well that the issue of same sex marriage is still hotly debated across the country, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis still performed “Same Love” with pride and commitment before marrying 33 couples of both mixed and same sex. It wasn’t just a performance, it was a statement. And whether gay or straight, who wouldn’t want Madonna to sing “Open Your Heart” at their wedding? New York Post

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis — The pair made history with their performance of the hit “Same Love.” While the openly gay author of the song’s chorus, Mary Lambert, crooned the main hook, 33 real life couples — some straight, some gay — exchanged rings in a make-shift wedding. During the ceremony, guest star Madonna worked in her old hit “Open Your Heart.” As an early supporter of gay rights, she fit in seamlessly. New York Daily News

The mass of couples exchanged rings at the same time as the singer pronounced them wed while Madonna emerged to sing her classic “Open Your Heart.” The Material Girl changed into a white Ralph Lauren suit for the ground-breaking performance after wearing a dramatic black tux on the carpet.Hollywood Reporter

Madonna may be controversial at times, but she proved her heart to be in the right place, as she donned a cowboy hat at this year’s Grammy Awards, to sing her hit ‘Open Your Heart’ gospel-style as the soundtrack to 33 weddings, live in the arena. Huffington Post UK

The performance, which took place near the end of the show, was one of the more sentimental sets of the evening. “This song is a love song, not for some of us, but for all of us,” Latifah said before introducing Macklemore and Lewis. From there, the rapper unveiled the gospel-infused track amid a church-inspired atmosphere. MTV

A legendary collaboration took place at the 2014 Grammy Awards, which aired live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 26. Pop icon Madonna took the stage with rapper Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and featured vocalist Mary Lambert to sing the marriage-equality anthem “Same Love.” US Magazine

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took their tear-jerker hit “Same Love” to new heights Sunday night when they were joined on stage for a performance of the song featuring Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah and Madonna. If that powerhouse line up weren’t enough, 33 gay, straight and lesbian couples in the audience were simultaneously married under Latifah’s command. Katy Perry caught a bouquet as the newlyweds received a standing ovation, and Ketih Urban wiped a tear from his eye. NBC

Madonna wowed the Staples Center crowd by joining Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for an emotional rendition of “Same Love” that featured Queen Latifah marrying 34 couples–gay, straight, young, old–during the song. Forbes

And if this wasn’t enough to make our hearts swell, out came none other than Madonna to give the ceremony her official sanction. The Mighty M donned an all-white suit and cowboy hat, looking like heaven’s most androgynous angel, to sing a version of her classic “Open Your Heart,” arranged in the key of the traditional wedding march, while backed by a gospel choir before joining Lambert for a snippet of “Same Love.” Queerty

The performance, along with the excellent music video for "Same Love":

Friday, January 24, 2014

Her Lips Are Sealed...

"It's official! I'm off my crutches and I'm looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to the Grammys.........."

"My lips are almost sealed! I can't say anything more....................

Yes, it's official! Madonna herself ant the Grammy's have confirmed that she WILL perform at the ceremony! No more details are known.

In the meantime, Madonna's manager has confirmed that she will be going into the recording soon to make a new album, saying that "she is eager to get started". Well, I am VERY eager for her to finish!!!


DJ Avicii was interviewed yesterday by Australian Channel V and said he has some upcoming plans with Madonna. Sound good!
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