Monday, February 28, 2011

To Continued Good Health!...

Kylie Minogue has revealed that today marks her fifth anniversary of being in remission.

The Australian singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005 but was given the all-clear the following year after undergoing a gruelling treatment process.

"Yes. Five years in remission!" she wrote on Twitter. "Love and gratitude for your support, love and positivity if you are in need. xxxxx (sic)"

The 42-year-old recently revealed that chemotherapy may have cost her the opportunity to conceive.

Minogue is currently on the European leg of her 'Aphrodite: Les Folies' tour, which will arrive in the UK next month.


The one thing that made the Oscar's last night interesting:

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

If All TV Was Like This...

Some more fabulousness from the 2011 Melodifestivalen.

This fabulously camp Abba-like number went to Andra Chansen (a second round to try to get into the finals). I am totally rooting for it - I mean, the choreography and the claps alone!

This track also went to Andra Chansen. It is co-written by ex Army of Lovers guru Alexander Bard:

And this one went straight to the finals, and will probably be a big competition to my favourite entry so far - the fabulous "Popular" by Eric Saade. I love this track too though, I'm sure it will do very well (it sounds quite a bit like "Yeah x3" by Chris Brown):

Me As A Kid?...

Where's The Party?...

Yes, the Oscars are tonight. While I dont give a crap about that, it is a perfect excuse to post these two performances:

Forget the ceremony - Madonna and Demi Moore are set to team up for the second year running to host a glittering post-Oscar bash for all their A-list friends.
They will welcome pals to Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary’s luxurious LA pad around 10pm, as the awards draw to a close. And the A-list guest list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood.
The stars are expected to flood to the party when their official Oscar duties are over, to celebrate on into the night. ‘Everybody's on it,’ one insider told Variety of the super-exclusive guest list. ‘It gives the A-list Vanity Fair crowd someplace to go to. It will probably be pared down to where it's 85-per-cent talent, not a lot of suits.’

Here is the queen arriving in LA for the party:


Oh my god! If this song doesnt win the Melodifestivalen, and then goes on to win Eurovision, there is NO justice in the world!

Well, It Is Oscar's Night...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Best...

Love this performance from Celine Dion.

The versions from Tina Turner and the original from Bonnie Tyler are excellent as well:



Today's SOTD (Song Of The Day) is a UK number 1 from David Bowie. Released in 1980, the song served as a comeback of sorts for Bowie, and had a big impact on Blitz scene in London - or was it the other way around? (Steve Strange of Visage is in the video, amongst others).

Anyways, the track is still well remembered and launched Bowies 80s career very nicely...

Album Of The Moment...

A new feature here on Barbarella's Galaxy is Album Of The Moment.

I tend to focus on an album for a few weeks, listening to it until I know it by heart, and then I move on to something else. So, at any given time there are one or two albums that I play again and again - and I thought I would feature some of them here.

So, today the album is Pulse by Toni Braxton.

Pulse is Toni´s 7th album, released May 4th, 2010 and her first on Atlantic Records. The album debuted at number nine in the US, inside the German top 20 and the UK top 30. It became Braxton's fifth US top-ten album and received generally positive reviews.

Speaking of the thinking behind titling the album 'Pulse', Braxton explained in May 2010: "It comes from when I got ill. I went into cardic rehab, and there was this older lady there. She was like 'What are you doing here so young? It must have been your heart. You know what? This is my fourth heart-attack and you're so young, you can't be AFRAID! You can't stop LIVING!'... Then she told me how she'd just got back from holiday with her 40-year-old boyfriend! And because I'd lost hope - the doctors had told me I'd never be able to record again - her conversation was like that heartbeat, that pulse that gave me back the love of life".

The album was originally scheduled for release in 2009, but then pushed back to February 2, 2010 before ultimately being released May 4, 2010. "The album was supposed to come out in February, but we held it back because seven of the ten songs we picked were leaked. We decided to go back to the studio, record four or five more songs and then pick. Now we send everything via Federal Express - nothing's going through the internet!"

After hearing the fabulous single "Hands Tied" from the album, I decided to check out Toni's complete back catalogue. I am now a massive fan, and consider Toni to be one if the many artists (especially female) that somehow seem to fall through the cracks as they get older.

This album has been called "a return to form" - and in a way it is, although I personally feel that her 2006 album "Libra" is amongst her best work to date. "Pulse" has a very organic sound to it and includes three fabulous singles, along with some hidden gems - especially the tracks "Hero" and "Why Wont You Love Me". I will be waiting with excitement for any future material Ms Braxton will release...


"Yesterday", the first single from the album, was released in the US in late 2009. In the States, a remixed version featuring Trey Songz was used as the single version. The album features the European version with just Toni's vocals.

Single number two: "Make My Heart".

The third single - the fabulous "Hands Tied".

And she made a video for this track, although it wasnt a single. This is a cover of a Delta Goodram song from 2007:

This has been my most played album over the the last few weeks. Almost time to move on to something completely different...

"You mean all this time we could have been friends?"...

Another fun video, made with clips from one of my favourite films:

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