Tuesday, July 29, 2014


It's tracks time again. This lot includes among others the first ever appearance on these posts by Coldplay (never been a fan, but I quite like their latest single), a new rather intriguing single (and video) by Kiesza and a couple of really great videos by Otto Knows and Austra (the one by Austra is probably my favorite song at the moment). Give them a go :)


It is sadly the last day of a (short) summer vacation. The only thing I can think of to cheer me up is a little bit of disco, courtesy of the lovely Madleen Kane.

Monday, July 28, 2014

"I Think It's Beginning To Rain"...

22 years after recording them, two unreleased Madonna songs from the Erotica sessions have just leaked!

The songs are from a cassette (the legendary Rain Tapes), so the quality is not perfect - but how fabulous to finally have these in full!

Friday, July 25, 2014

I Must Have This...




The Long-Awaited 1960's TV Series Features All 120
Original Broadcast Episodes Completely Remastered

Includes Over Three Hours of Never-Before-Seen Enhanced
Content Including Interviews With Adam West and Burt Ward

Burbank, CA (July 24, 2014) - For the very first time, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) is releasing the fan-favorite original 1960's Batman TV Series starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. On November 11, 2014, just in time for the holiday season,Batman: The Complete Television Series Limited Edition will hit shelves on Blu-Ray ($269.97 SRP).Batman: The Complete Television Series DVD ($199.70 SRP) and Batman: The Complete First Season($39.98 SRP) will also be available. This highly collectable set is one fans won't want to miss!

Batman: The Complete Television Series features all three classic seasons of the fan-favorite show spanning all 120 original broadcast episodes - completely remastered - as well as more than three hours of never-before-seen enhanced content including interviews with both Adam West (as Batman) and Burt Ward (as Robin). In addition to favorites West and Ward, the series featured a long list of notable guest stars and cameo appearances over the course of three seasons including Julie Newmar, Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Liberace, Vincent Price, Burgess Meredith, Bruce Lee, Art Carney, Milton Berle, Sammy Davis Jr. and many more!

Bringing the series' vivid colors to life in stunning high definition, the Blu-ray Limited Edition will be individually numbered, making the set a true must-have for both fans and collectors alike. The set will include sought-after premiums including:

An exclusive Hot Wheels Replica Batmobile
Adam West Scrapbook - featuring never-before-seen photos from Adam's own archives
44 Vintage Trading Cards
Ultraviolet Digital Copy of all 120 episodes
Episode guide - includes synopsis of all episodes, photos from the series and a personal letter from Adam West to the fans

"Fans around the world have been clamoring for this release for decades," said Rosemary Markson, WBHEG Senior Vice President, TV Brand Management and Retail Marketing "Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is beyond thrilled to make the caped crusader's fans' wishes come true by releasing Batman: The Complete Television Series to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD for the very first time since the original 1960s program. Coinciding with the 75th Anniversary of Batman's comic book debut, this is the ultimate holiday gift."

Batman: The Complete Television Series also features more than three hours of all-new enhanced content:

Hanging with Batman - A true slice of life in the words of Adam West.
Holy Memorabilia Batman! - A journey into the most sought-after collectibles through the eyes of three extraordinary collectors.
Batmania Born!: Building the World of Batman - Explore the art and design behind the fiction.
Bats of the Round Table - A candid conversation with Adam West and his celebrity friends, chatting all things Bat'66.
Inventing Batmanin the words of Adam West (episode 1 &2) - A rare treat for the fans as Adam discusses his script notes on bringing Batman to life in the first and second episodes.
Na Na Na Batman! - Hollywood favorite's stars and producers recount their favorite Batman memories.

Season 1:
Hi Diddle Riddle
Smack in the Middle
Fine Feathered Finks
The Penguin's A Jinx
The Joker is Wild
Batman is Riled
Instant Freeze
Rats Like Cheese
Zelda The Great
A Death Worse Than Fate
A Riddle A Day Keeps the Riddler Away
When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play
The Thirteenth Hat
Batman Stands Pat
The Joker Goes To School
He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul
True or False Face
Holy Rat Race
The Purr-Fect Crime
Better Luck Next Time
The Penguin Goes Straight
Not Yet, He Ain't
The Ring Of Wax
Give 'Em The Axe
The Joker Trumps An Ace
Batman Sets The Pace
The Curse of Tut
The Pharaoh's In a Rut
The Bookworm Turns
While Gotham City Burns
Death in Slow Motion
The Riddler's Flase Notion
Fine Finny Fiends
Batman Makes The Scenes

Season 2:
Shoot A Crooked Arrow
Walk The Straight and Narrow
Hot Off The Griddle
The Cat and the Fiddle
The Minstrel's Shakedown
Barbecued Batman?
The Spell of Tut
Tut's Case is Shut
The Greatest Mother of Them All
Ma Parker
The Clock King's Crazy Crimes
The Clock King Gets Crowned
An Egg Grows in Gotham
The Yegg Foes in Gotham
The Devil's Fingers
The Dead Ringers
Hizzonner The Penguin
Dizzoner the Penguin
Green Ice
Deep Freeze
The Impractical Joker
The Joker's Provokers
Marsha, Queen of Diamonds
Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds
Come Back, Shame
It's How You Play The Game
The Penguin's Nest
The Bird's Last Jest
The Cat's Meow
The Bat's Kow Tow
The Puzzles Are Coming
The Duo Is Slumming
The Sandman Cometh
The Catwoman Goeth
The Contaminated Cowl
The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul
The Zodiac Crimes
The Joker's Hard Times
The Penguin Declines
That Darn Catwoman
Scat! Darn Catwoman
Penguin is a Girl's Best Friend
Penguin Sets a Trend
Penguin's Disastrous End
Batman's Anniversary
A Riddling Controversy
The Joker's Last Laugh
The Joker's Epitaph
Catwoman Goes to College
Batman Displays His Knowledge
A Piece of The Action
Batman's Satisfaction
Kin Tut's Coup
Batman's Waterloo
Black Widow Strikes Again
Caught in the Spider's Den
Pop Goes The Joker
Flop Goes the Joker
Ice Spy
The Duo Defy

Season 3:
Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin
Ring Around The Riddler
The Wail of The Siren
The Sport of Penguins
A Horse of Another Color
The Unkindest Tut of All
Louie, The Lilac
The Ogg and I
How To Hatch a Dinosaur
Surf's Up! Joker's Under!
The Londinium Larcenies
The Foggiest Notion
The Bloody Tower
Catwoman's Dressed to Kill
The Ogg Couple
The Funny Feline Felonies
The Joke's On Catwoman
Louie's Lethal Lilac Time
Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club
Penguin's Clean Sweep
The Great Escape
The Great Train Robbery
I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle
The Joker's Flying Saucer
The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra
Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires

Batman - The Complete Television Series: Limited Edition Blu-ray
Batman - The Complete Television Series: Limited Edition Blu-ray

I Dreamt Of...


In news that's sure to make all of Madonna's past producers jealous, Diplo just revealed he got Madonna to re-record the vocals to one of her '80s classics in the midst of working on her upcoming album. Even cooler? She changed the lyrics to sing about him. Yes, Diplo is one of the luckiest people on the planet.

Madge sang new vocals for the True Blue single "La Isla Bonita," changing the lyrics to, "Last night I dreamt of Major Lazer" (which is one of Diplo's side projects). Diplo showed off the recording on an episode of the British series Superstar DJs, which premieres tomorrow on BBC's Channel 4.

When he plays the track for host Annie Mac, she understandably loses it. Apparently being a "slave driver" while working on her new album is the best way to win her respect.

Diplo isn't the only one manning the boards on Madge's latest. She also hit the studio with Avicii back in March, which means her brand of dance-pop might be taking an EDM turn on her upcoming record.

Now, if only that dreadful host had let the track actually play for more than 10 seconds...

Note: A dub play is a special version of a song with alternative lyrics, usually putting your name in it and is often the deciding factor in a sound clash.

A sound clash is a musical competition where crew members from opposing sound systems pit their skills against each other. Sound clashes take place in a variety of venues, both indoors and outdoors. Primarily featuring reggae dancehall,or Jungle music. The object is to beat or “kill” their competitors.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Violence...

Erasure have revealed the tracklisting and more format information for their much-anticipated forthcoming album The Violet Flame which is scheduled for release on September 22nd (September 23rd in North America.

The Violet Flame will be available in 1-CD, 2-CD, digital-download and limited-edition Deluxe Box Set formats: the single CD (and corresponding download edition) will feature just the ten tracks that make up ‘The Violet Flame’; the 2-CD edition (and its corresponding download) will feature ‘The Violet Flame’ on one disc, and then a second disc containing Erasure’s eleven-song ‘Live at The Short Circuit Festival’ performance, recorded at The Roundhouse in London in May 2011 and will include ‘A Little Respect’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Blue Savannah’, ‘Hideaway’ and ‘Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day)’ among others.

Disc: 1
1. Dead Of Night
2. Elevation
3. Reason
4. Promises
5. Be The One
6. Sacred
7. Under The Wave
8. Smoke and Mirrors
9. Paradise
10. Stayed A Little Late Tonight

Disc: 2
1. Hideaway (Live)
2. Fingers and Thumbs: Cold Summer's Day (Live)
3. Heavenly Action (Live)
4. Always (Live)
5. Ship Of Fools (Live)
6. Victim Of Love (Live)
7. Breathe (Live)
8. Chains Of Love (Live)
9. Sometimes (Live)
10. Blue Savannah (Live)
11. A Little Respect (Live)


Finally, the box set version of the album pictured above – which is a pre-order item only and is exclusively available to Pledge Music and will not be available anywhere else – will also include a third disc which will contain ‘The Violet Flame Remixed’, and will feature each track on the album reworked by a very interesting cast of remixers, more details soon! The 3-CD Box Set set is presented in a very special 8-page EcoPac package complete with a 16-page booklet and contained inside a gorgeous custom-made foil-blocked box. Alongside the 3CD set is a selection of merchandise items, all of which are exclusive to the box set, including an enamel badge, a set of postcards, a lenticular print and a glass tealight holder, with more items to be confirmed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get Ready To Be Swept Away...

Full info on the upcoming re-issues of ALL the albums Diana Ross made with the RCA label in the 80s has been revealed!

Only one unreleased track, most likely due to Ross's contract with the label at the time - but most of the official remixes and edits from the original singles are included. Red Hot Rhythm and Blues includes both the US and UK album versions of "Dirty Looks" plus both of the songs that were not included on the US version of the album.

The release date given is September 29/October 14 (see bottom of this post), but the label is still working on the tracklists, since sometimes more treasures are uncovered in the re-master process (someone should point out that the 7" Swing Mix of "Mr Lee" is currently missing from RHR&B...), and the label has quite often in the past missed their original deadline, due to work still being done on the titles.

All in all, these are by far the most complete versions ever available for all these albums and I am VERY much looking forward to these.

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Diana Ross – Why Do Fools Fall In Love is Expanded Edition for the First Time Ever with 8 Bonus Tracks.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love is the First Album Recorded after leaving the Motown Label.

Album Produced By Diana Ross, herself, which became her second RIAA Platinum Album.

Liner Notes by Alex Henderson

Re-Mastered from the Original Master Tapes by Sean Brennan, at Battery Studio’s, New York

Why Do Fools Fall in Love is the 1981 album by Diana Ross on the RCA label. The album reached #15 in the USA (#4 R&B), #17 in the UK and the Top Ten in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

The album includes the Top 10 hits "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" and "Mirror Mirror". Also included on the album was the track "Work That Body", which was co-written by Ross with Paul Jabara and Ray Chew. The track was a Top 10 hit in the U.K. and Top 15 in The Netherlands.

A solo version of "Endless Love" is also included on the album, a re-recording of her number one duet with Lionel Richie and "It's Never Too Late" was also released as a single in some international territories.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love was a slick and unpretentious album, which became the start of a great springboard for Ross’ in her RCA years.

1. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
2. Sweet Surrender
3. Mirror,Mirror
4. Endless Love
5. It's Never Too Late
6. Think I'm In Love
7. Sweet Nothings
8. Two Can Make It
9. Work That Body
10. Mirror, Mirror (7 Inch Mix)
11. Mirror, Mirror (7 Inch Alternate Version)
12. Work That Body (7 Inch Mix)
13. Work That Body (12 Inch Mix)
14. Work That Body (Extended Mix)
15. Endless Love (Edited Version)
16. Endless Love (Vocal Version)
17. Endless Love (Instrumental)

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Silk Electric’s First Time on CD

Diana Ross – Silk Electric is Expanded Edition for the First Time Ever with 3 Bonus Tracks

Album Cover designed by Andy Warhol

The Album contained Ross' Top 10, Grammy Nominated Single, "Muscles", which was Produced & Written by Michael Jackson.

Liner Notes by Alex Henderson

Re-Mastered from the Original Master Tapes by Sean Brennan, at Battery Studio’s, New York

Silk Electric is the 1982 Album released by Diana Ross on the RCA label. The album reached #27 in the USA (#5 R&B), #33 in the UK and The Top 20 in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

Another album that produced by Miss Ross and this time features her name as co-writer on four of the ten tracks and ended up going Gold, thus continuing Diana’s streak of solid-selling albums.

There’s no doubt that Silk Electric is her most experimental album ever with artistically Diana pushing boundaries all over the place. This makes listening to Silk Electric straight-through can be a bizarre and jarring experience, but the far greater issue than the material is the overall sound quality of the album.

So while Silk Electric is a challenging and very pleasant listen, which offers a little glimpse into the creative mind of Miss Diana Ross, and shows some new sides of her…..

1. Muscles
2. So Close
3. Still in Love
4. Fool for Your Love
5. Turn Me Over
6. Who
7. Love Lies
8. In Your Arms
9. Anywhere You Run To
10. I Am Me
11. Muscles (Edited Version)
12. Muscles (12" Version)
13. So Close (Single Version)

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Diana Ross – Ross is Expanded Edition for the First Time Ever with 7 Bonus Tracks.

Diana Ross’ Third Release on the RCA Label.

Five of the Eight Tracks produced by Gary Katz, Two by Ray Parker Jr and One by Diana Ross.

Liner Notes by Alex Henderson

Re-Mastered from the Original Master Tapes by Sean Brennan, at Battery Studio’s, New York

Ross is the 1983 album by legendary singer Diana Ross. The album was released shortly before Ross gave a pair of free concerts in New York's Central Park.

The album reached #32 on the US charts, #14 on the US R&B charts and #44 in the UK. The album's highest international chart position was in Sweden, where it reached #7.

The album's first single, "Pieces of Ice", peaked at #31 on the US charts. Subsequent singles "Up Front" (US R&B #60, UK #79) and "Let's Go Up" (US #77) were also hits. "Up Front" was Re-Mixed by Jolley & Swain for the original European release.

The album was an excellent success at the time and it remains one of the best Diana Ross albums more than twenty years after. An inimitable atmosphere, an impalpable mystery surrounds the whole album.

With the great production work by Gary Katz, Ray Parker Jr and Ross herself, there has always been a wonder why the album wasn't more successful upon its initial release. Ross is refreshing in the current time that more people now know of her rich and great catalogue value.

No doubt, this album is one of her finest solo & RCA recordings.

1. That's How You Start Over
2. Love Will Make It Right
3. You Do It
4. Pieces of Ice
5. Let's Go Up
6. Love or Loneliness
7. Up Front
8. Girls
9. Piece of Ice (12" Mix)
10. Pieces of Ice (12" Instrumental)
11. Pieces of Ice (7" Mix)
12. Up Front (7" Mix)
13. Up Front (Special Club Mix)
14. Up Front (12" Mix)
15. Let's Go Up (7" Mix)

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Diana Ross – Swept Away will be a 2 CD Deluxe Edition for the First Time Ever.

The Bonus CD will include 9 Bonus Tracks.

This album yields several hit singles, "Missing You", the Daryl Hall & Arthur Baker Produced "Swept Away", and the Julio Iglesias duet, "All of You"

"Missing You" was produced by Lionel Richie and was a tribute to late soul singer Marvin Gaye, Ross and Richie's former Motown Records label-mate.

Liner Notes by Alex Henderson

Re-Mastered from the Original Master Tapes by Sean Brennan, at Battery Studio’s, New York

Swept Away is the 1984 album by the legendary Diana Ross on the RCA label.

The album was certified Gold and peaked at #26 on Billboard Pop Albums Chart, making this her last album to reach the Top 40, which also made the top ten in The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

Swept Away certainly did what it needed to do, which was to give Diana Ross some new hits and keep her on the charts. Beyond that, it gave her a classic, “Missing You,” on which she offered one of the great performances of her career.

The album itself holds up pretty well and Swept Away is certainly one of Diana’s best at RCA, which features some sparkling highlights and anthems than its predecessor, Ross.

CD 1
1. Missing You
2. Touch by Touch
3. Rescue Me
4. It's Your Move
5. Swept Away
6. Telephone
7. Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)
8. All of You
9. We Are the Children of the World
10. Forever Young
CD 2
1. Swept Away (12" Long Version)
2. Swept Away (12" Instrumental)
3. Swept Away (7" Single Mix)
4. Touch by Touch (12" Single Mix)
5. Touch by Touch (12" Instrumental)
6. Touch by Touch (Alternate Single Mix)
7. Telephone (Edited Version)
8. Missing You (7" Single Mix)
9. Fight for It (7" Single Version)

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Diana Ross – Eaten Alive will be a 2 CD Deluxe Edition for the First Time Ever.

The Bonus CD will include 9 Bonus Tracks.

Eaten Alive includes her international hit single "Chain Reaction".

Written and produced by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

The album also includes a contribution from Michael Jackson who co-wrote and performed vocals on the title track.

Liner Notes by Alex Henderson

Re-Mastered from the Original Master Tapes by Sean Brennan, at Battery Studio’s, New York

Eaten Alive is the 1985 album by Diana Ross which reached #11 in the UK and Australia. The album also reached the Top Ten in Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Following the largely self-produced Swept Away album, Diana Ross' shrewd choice of collaborators continued to impress when she turned to the Gibb brothers for her fifth studio project for RCA Records.

The album was a dynamic affair with an explosive set of songs as well as the title track also boasting the excellent production and song writing skills of the genius himself, Michael Jackson.

In the UK, Chain Reaction caught on to the British public like a magnet! This was simply vintage Diana Ross and it was this retro style that her public loved even though she has commendably attempted time and time again to break out into other musical genres in the past few decades.

Overly, Eaten Alive is a solid album with sparkling vocals from Ross, compelling arrangements and great lyrics. An enjoyable and diverse album from legendary Diana Ross.

CD 1
1. Eaten Alive
2. Oh Teacher
3. Experience
4. Chain Reaction
5. More and More
6. I'm Watching You
7. Love on the Line
8. (I Love) Being in Love with You
9. Crime of Passion
10. Don't Give Up on Each Other
CD 2
1. Eaten Alive (Single Mix)
2. Eaten Alive (Single Mix Instrumental)
3. Eaten Alive (Hot Extended Dance Mix)
4. Eaten Alive (12 Inch Instrumental)
5. Experience (Special Dance Mix)
6. Experience (Instrumental)
7. Experience (Single Version)
8. Chain Reaction (Special Dance Mix)
9. Chain Reaction (Special Single Mix)

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Diana Ross – Red Hot Rhythm and Blues will be a 2 CD Deluxe Edition for the First Time Ever.

Includes 13 Bonus Tracks            

The album includes the Top 15 US R&B and UK Top 40 hit, "Dirty Looks"

And the ballad "It's Hard for Me to Say", produced by Luther Vandross.

The cover photography was by Herb Ritts.

Includes the Un-Released Track Sweet Soul Music.

Liner Notes by Alex Henderson

Re-Mastered from the Original Master Tapes by Sean Brennan, at Battery Studio’s, New York.

Red Hot Rhythm and Blues is the 1987 album by the legendary Diana Ross. The album made the charts in Germany, The Netherlands and Austria, as well as reaching the Top 20 in Sweden and Norway.

The album was Ross's final album for RCA Records and included cover versions of several R&B classics, including The Bobbettes' "Mr. Lee", Jackie Ross' "Selfish One," Etta James' "Tell Mama", and The Drifters' "There Goes My Baby".

Ross decided to retreat to safer territory, returning to her roots of Rhythm And Blues to mark a celebration in black music for the dynamic Red Hot Rhythm And Blues album.

Listeners to this album were stunned to hear Ross' sensational, sexually-charged and charismatic performance that sound quite fitting when listening to those mildly racy lyrics. Never the less Red Hot Rhythm And Blues is ESSENTIAL to any Diana Ross fan and stands as something of an over-looked classic.

1. Dirty Looks (US Album Version)
2. Stranger In Paradise
3. Summertime
4. Shine
5. Tell Me Again
6. Selfish One
7. Cross My Heart
8. There Goes My Baby
9. It’s Hard For Me To Say
10. Shockwaves
11. Mr. Lee (UK Album Version)
12. Tell Mama (UK Album Version)
13. Sweet Soul Music (Previously Unreleased)
1. Dirty Looks (Remix Version)
2. Dirty Looks (Instrumental)
3. Dirty Looks (Bonus Beats)
4. Dirty Looks (UK Album Mix)
5. Shockwaves (12” Remix)
6. Shockwaves (Instrumental)
7. Shockwaves (7” Remix)
8. Mr. Lee (Swing Mix)

9. Mr. Lee (Rare Groove Version)

Pre-Order now to guarantee your Order !!!

Pre-Order price has been discounted down to $9.98, the price will go up on our Stock Arrival Date (29th September) to $11.98

The Actual Official Street Date is 14th October - our Diana Ross releases will not hit Amazon and all other retailers till that date, by ordering directly with Funkytowngrooves you will receive your order 2 Weeks before the Official Street Date.

Stock Arrival Date = 29th September 2014 

Track listing's are correct at time of Pre-Order release and could be subject to change.

Due to the finding's of Extra Bonus Material in the Re-Master process, please keep a look out on our website or on our Facebook page, for future info.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Dannii Minogue photoshoot for Fault Magazine

Dannii Minogue has revealed that she is recording new music.

The singer told Fault magazine that she has new material in the pipeline but does not want to release anything until she is sure that it is "special".

"I recorded some stuff that I've co-written and some stuff that friends have written and others that I've found and just love," she said. "I'm just trying out loads of different stuff with no pressure of a record company or a deal or a date or anything. I'm just seeing if I can find that something special but, again, it's been so long since I've done it that I don't want to come back with something unless it's special."

A comeback would indeed be welcome, Miss Minogue!

Dannii Minogue photoshoot for Fault MagazineDannii Minogue photoshoot for Fault Magazine

Voila - A Woman And A Man...

Coming September 1st, three more expanded Belinda Carlisle albums:

With help from fellow Go-Go Charlotte Caffey, producer Michael Lloyd and guest musicians Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor, Susanna Hoffs and Jane Wiedlin, “Belinda” was Belinda Carlisle’s first solo album, originally issued in 1986. Featuring the hit singles “Mad About You”, and “I Feel The Magic”, this expanded edition also includes three mixes of Belinda’s version of “Band Of Gold” recorded with Freda Payne. The DVD features the two promo videos and, for the first time since 1986, “Belinda”, a 45 minute concert programme with some interview material. The book includes the lyrics and new annotation based on a 2014 interview with Belinda.

Disc: 1

1. Mad About You
2. I Need A Disguise
3. Since You've Gone
4. I Feel The Magic
5. I Never Wanted A Rich Man
6. Band Of Gold
7. Gotta Get To You
8. From The Heart
9. Shot In The Dark
10. Stuff And Nonsense
11. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [single mix]
12. Dancing In The City
13. Mad About You [extended version]
14. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [extended mix]
15. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [dub mix]

Disc: 2
1. Mad About You (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
2. I Feel The Magic (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
3. Gotta Get To You (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
4. Shot In The Dark (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
5. We Got The Beat (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
6. Band Of Gold (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
7. Lust To Love (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
8. From The Heart (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
9. Mad About You (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
10. Since You've Gone (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
11. Head Over Heels (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)
12. I Feel The Magic (DVD - Filmed live in concert in 1986)

Although the album was produced in 1996 by David Tickle, Belinda’s sole album for the Chrysalis label saw her re-united with the writers of her biggest chart successes, Rick Nowels, Ellen Shipley and fellow Go-Go Charlotte Caffey. Nowels’ “In Too Deep” reached # 6 and Roxette’s Per Gessle’s “Always Breaking My Heart” was another Top 10 hit. “Love In The Key Of C” followed them into the charts, while the fourth hit “California” features backing vocals from none other than Brian Wilson. 

The nineteen bonus tracks are made up of single mixes, live and acoustic versions, three very rare remixes, and four songs available nowhere else. The book includes all the lyrics and annotation by Justin Kantor.

Disc: 1
1. In Too Deep
2. California
3. A Woman And A Man
4. Remember September
5. Listen To Love
6. Always Breaking My Heart
7. Love Doesn't Live Here
8. He Goes On
9. Kneel At Your Feet
10. Love In The Key Of C
11. My Heart Goes Out To You
12. In Too Deep [single edit]
13. Always Breaking My Heart [single edit]
14. In Too Deep [acoustic]
15. Circle In The Sand [acoustic]

Disc: 2
1. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
2. Jealous Guy
3. I See No Ships
4. Love Walks In
5. Submission
6. I Won't Say I'm In Love
7. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]
8. Big Scary Animal [live]
9. I Get Weak [live]
10. Leave A Light On [live]
11. Live Your Life Be Free [live]
12. In Too Deep [live]
13. Remember September [JPO Club Pipes]
14. Remember September [Beam's Club Mix]
15. Remember September [Beam's Vocal Mix]

Disc: 3
1. In Too Deep (DVD - Promo Video)
2. Always Breaking My Heart (DVD - Promo Video)
3. Love In The Key Of C (DVD - Promo Video)
4. California (DVD - Promo Video)

In 2007, after an eight year break, Belinda Carlisle returned with an album of eleven classic French pop songs. Said Belinda: “After discovering and coming to love French music, I decided to record these amazing songs myself, with a playful, contemporary feel”. 

The songs range from Edith Piaf to Françoise Hardy via Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel and the winning Austrian entry in 1966 Eurovision Song Contest. Produced by John Reynolds, the album features contributions from Brian Eno, Natacha Atlas and Sharon Shannon. The album is now expanded to include four songs in English from the very rare two disc edition, the lyrics, and full annotation about the background of each song.

1. Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp
2. Bonnie Et Clyde
3. Avec Le Temps
4. Sous Le Ciel De Paris
5. Des Ronds Dans L'Eau
6. Pourtant Tu M'Aimes
7. Ne Me Quitte Pas
8. La Vie En Rose
9. Contact
10. Merci Chéri
11. Jezebel
12. I Still Love Him
13. La Vie En Rose
14. Bonnie And Clyde
15. If You Go Away

So Many So Little...

Footage of Sinitta performing her new single "So Many Men So Little Time" at this years London Pride.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Desperate On BR...

U.S. distributors Kino Lorber have confirmed that they will release on Blu-ray director Susan Seidelman’s comedy Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), starring Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn, Mark Blum, and John Turturro. The release will be available for purchase on October 14th.

Synopsis: Bored New Jersey housewife Roberta (Arquette) fills her days by reading the personal ads and following an ongoing romance between “Jim” (Robert Joy) and “Susan” (Madonna), a mysterious drifter who appears to lead the kind of free-spirited life about which Roberts can only dream. And dream she does, until the day she actually shows up at the couple’s pre-arranged rendezvous in New York City…and after a bump on the head, a bout of amnesia turns Roberts into Susan and opens the door to intrigue, laughter and love.

Special Features:

Audio Commentary by the Producers
Original and Alternate Endings
Original Theatrical Trailer
Optional English Subtitles

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
Resolution: 1080p
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1


English SDH

Blu-ray Disc
Single disc (1 BD)

Region A

Hopefully this won't be like the Blu-Ray of Truth Or Dare, which can only be played in US Blu-Ray players!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What The World Needs Now...


Written by Darren Hayes for Attitude Magazine

Lifelong Madonna fan Darren Hayes explains why the world needs an amazing new album from the Queen of Pop…

The woman who has always been above social media has been having a torrid affair with it of late. 2014 shall forever be known by this fan as the year the Material Girl embraced Instagram and treated us to everything from gratuitous boob selfies to her homage to hairy underarms. And I’ve loved it. Through her iPhone Madonna let us behind the platinum curtain – even inside her very posh Upper East Side Manhattan master bathroom to witness everything form her post work-out beads of sweat to her son David Banda on guitar.

Yet of most fascination has been the cheeky way she has beckoned us inside the recording studio. The Queen of Pop has been teasing the world with progress of her as-yet-untitled (unless it’s called Unapologetic Bitch – and Lord don’t I hope so!) 13th studio album.

The list of potential collaborators is so far impressive: Sky Ferreira/Haim producer Ariel Rechtshaid, Wrecking Ball co-writer MoZella, MIA collaborator Diplo, DJ/producer Avicii, former Lady Gaga collaborator Martin Kierszenbaum, pop singer Natalia Kills, US hit-maker Toby Gad.

The imagery teased out recently is also exciting: Homage to Betty Page, mysterious veils and religious imagery? Check. But there’s also some cause for concern. Why? Because Madonna seems so close to getting it right. And we all know what happens when Madonna gets it slightly wrong. Two words: Hard Candy.

Some mght argue her last studio album MDNA was a disappointment. I actually loved many moments on the album but there was a sense, right before the album dropped, that something was out of alignment.

It’s hard to pinpoint what was missing. The world was hungry for Madonna’s ‘A’ game. The reality is, we got glimpses of it. William Orbit suggested in retrospect that M was pulled in too many directions to really focus on making the record the brilliant return to form that songs like Gang Bang and Addicted promised it could be.

She had a clothing line, a world tour, a film and a perfume to promote. Music – the source of all her power – had been relegated to a mere portion of her time, a part-time job and unfortunately something had to give.

I assume it was the laser focus on the dance floor that lost out in the end, and the project suffered.

Thankfully the accompanying tour did not. We witnessed Madonna in her full prime, mercilessly slaying audiences with her bold confidence and celebrating dance at the centre of her circus. Yet when the confetti cleared there was the sense that the Madonna train had passed through town without a trace. The era, like Hard Candy, didn’t seem to permeate the zeitgeist the way Confessions on a Dancefloor had a few years before.

The problem is, Madonna is consistently brilliant. When she hits her sweet spot, it is the music equivalent of orgasm. Moments like Holiday, Into the Groove andHung Up are prime examples. Reckless abandon on the dance floor yet not throw-away gibberish. Yes, solid dance-pop tunes that you want to make out to, get drunk with or indeed form the soundtrack of a one-night stand to. But they are also songs of freedom, of escape and empowerment. Some might call them the soundtrack to coming out. At the heart of these floor-fillers are universal truths embedded in the human experience: “Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free.” “Soul is in the musical, that’s where I feel so beautiful, magical. Life’s a ball. So get up on the dance floor.”

What is this love affair between gay men and Madonna? It’s distinct from our admiration for all other popstars – a very particular tryst entirely separate from the love of Cher, Kylie, Mariah etc. While I can appreciate the qualities all these strong divas have in common, there’s something different about Madonna. If you grew up gay during her reign there is something of her rebelliousness invariably in your DNA. As a teen I identified with her refusal to be categorised. Neither butch nor feminine, tough nor soft. Especially in the 80’s she challenged what the definition of “beautiful” was and her resilience and determination were infectious.

I was 12 years old when ‘The Virgin Tour’ was released on videocassette. When other boys in my school were sneaking off to watch boobs in Porky’s or glimpses or nip slips in Conan the Barbarian, I was sat glued in front of the telly trying to learn the choreography from Dress You Up. I saw the sheer audacity in this woman who was teasing, nay, demanding the crowd beg for more. “I said DO you want to hear some more!?’ she screamed during an impossibly long pause in the middle of Holiday. And boy did I.

I’m a lifelong defender of American Life, a controversial choice for favourite album when it comes to Madonna fans but let me present my solitary piece of evidence: The song Nothing Fails. It’s the 2004 Like A Prayer only this time, a bit more battered, a bit weary from love and possessed of exactly the kind of depth I hope all Madonna records reach at some point in the album sequence.

As a project, yes I know it is devoid of “hit singles” – but to me it’s a songwriting master class. As an album it’s such a cohesive work of art because clearly it had her 100% undivided attention. It is this attention to detail a great Madonna album needs. It simply cannot succeed without it.

Projects that have missed the mark for me did so because they were missing a crucial element: Madonna. I don’t care how many superstar producers, songwriters or hot DJ’s she surrounds herself with – the horse I’m always betting on is the woman herself. When Madonna decides to show up in the studio you get unwavering brilliance. Like a Prayer and Ray of Light are prime examples. Here we have a woman who is in love with her craft and the passion is evident. The truth is, Madonna is always the most interesting element of a Madonna collaboration. Things only go awry when that delicate balance is thrown out of whack. Her collaboration with Pharrell and even BabyFace to a certain extent have always left me feeling like those producers overshadowed the Madonna quotient. Their sound permeated the records and the result was pedestrian. I know, shocking right? Madonna is never EVER supposed to be normal.

Madonna’s work with fresh and exciting up-and-coming talent is, for me, always most rewarding. Her work with William Orbit, a relatively obscure choice at the time, was revolutionary. Similarly her Music album with Mirwais completely reinvented her for the 21st century. By the time Madonna got into the studio with Stuart Price she seemed to be on a winning streak. Three incredibly original and yet massively successful pop records – with the edgy excellence of American Life in between.

I got into a bit of a “thing” on Twitter when I announced I was writing this article. I encountered a few snarky comments – from “tell her to start acting her age” to suggestions that Madonna didn’t write her biggest hits (completely fiction – she’s one of the most prolific and gifted pop writers around and strangely rarely gets this credit). I found myself defending Madonna’s right to get her kit off – even if it doesn’t do much for me, her refusal to “age gracefully” is so in keeping with her core values I can’t help but encourage it. With respect, Madonna fans are fiercely protective and the one common factor I noticed was a passion for Madonna to “get it right” whatever that means. My argument has always been that the focus has to be on songs and the discipline must come not just in the gym, but on ideas. On music.

All songwriters or artists get lazy – it’s HARD to be good. U2’s Bono has a great phrase about striving for excellence: “Good is the enemy of great.” And it’s true. Madonna is easily and effortlessly good. No one can deny that. But when she’s great, there is no one and I mean NO ONE alive who can touch her in pop music.

In this period of quiet before the storm I want to send out some cosmic rays of light to the queen. All the signs are there: the determination, the focus and the joy of being an artist. We can all debate which era, which look or which persona was strongest but there’s only one person who can deliver the goods. Help us Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. You’re our only hope.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Tracks time again - a rather diverse one.

This lot includes the usual mix of commercial/uncommercial recent tracks, including not one but two fantastic videos from Goldfrapp, the latest from my new French fave Indila, the latest video from the fabulous Lana Del Rey, the Kazaky boys etc. Considering it is the middle of summer (despite the complete lack of it over here, at least weather wise), it seems that a lot of the music coming out this time around is rather laid back but the likes of Martha Wash are here to try and fix that.

As always, hope you'll find something to enjoy here.

All Systems Go...

Heavens! I'm still jumping up and down with excitement over the upcoming Diana Ross re-issues - and then I find out that the Donna Summer albums from the 80s are also getting the expanded treatment!

Demon Music Group has acquired the rights to re-releasing all of Donna Summer's studio catalog, post-Casablanca years. That means from her Geffen debut of The Wanderer through to Mistaken Identity (but probably excluding She Works Hard For The Money, since that album was released on Casablanca).

Another Place and Time is scheduled to be the first to be released. It will most likely be a 2 CD set and could include:

This Time I Know It's For Real (Extended Version) 7:22
This Time I Know It's For Real (Instrumental) 3:34

I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (7" Remix) 3:32
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Instrumental) 4:45
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Extended Version) 6:59

Love's About To Change My Heart (Edit) 3:45
Love's About To Change My Heart (Extended Remix) 6:21
Love's About To Change My Heart (Instrumental) 5:14
Love's About To Change My Heart (Clivilles & Cole 7" Mix) 4:21
Love's About To Change My Heart (Clivilles & Cole 12" Mix) 7:40
Love's About To Change My Heart (Dub 2) 7:10
Love's About To Change My Heart (PWL 7" Mix) 3:45 (I'm sure I read somewhere that the ending of this is different to the 'Edit')
Love's About To Change My Heart (PWL 12" Mix) 6:21 (this might be the same as the 'Extended Remix')
Love's About To Change My Heart (12" Version) 6:51 (this time is on the Japanese 12" Ers CD, but it may be incorrect)

When Love Takes Over You (Remix) 3:35
When Love Takes Over You (Extended Remix) 6:15
When Love Takes Over You (Instrumental) 3:37

Breakaway (The Extended Power Mix) 6:08
Breakaway (The Power Radio Mix) 4:02
Breakaway (Remix) (Edit) 3:37
Breakaway (Remix) (Full Version) 6:45

(note: just speculations, these are all official mixes from this album).

All Systems Go will most likely be the second one, including four songs that were left of the album as well as extended versions etc. Now, nothing has been officially announced yet - but it looks like fans can expect 2CD releases for all/most of the albums, along with a possible DVD...

Diana Ross AND Donna Summer reissues of their hard to get albums - all expanded? Christmas is coming early in the Galaxy this year!

These are the albums that should be included in the deal:

(Reports differ on Mistaken Identity and I'm A Rainbow - time will tell, but yes please!)

RCA Deluxe!...

Funkytown Grooves have just announced that expanded editions of five (out of six) Diana Ross albums from her RCA years will be released in expanded editions.

No more info but tracklist and more info will follow. These albums are all way overdue for the deluxe treatments - Silk Electric has been out of print for years (it took me ages to get it) and both Ross and Swept Away have been hard to get as well.


Why Do Fools Fall In Love will apparently have 8 bonus tracks! More news should be coming next week and the discs are expected to come out in September/October.

I am obviously super excited - stay tuned for more info :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Sooner Or Later, This Happens To Everyone"...

Heavens! Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys turns 60 today!

One of my all time favorite song writers (his lyrics are legendary) is still going strong, writing, recording and touring with Chris Lowe, more than 30 years after they formed the fabulous Pet Shop Boys. Their amazing body of work is thankfully still growing - long may they reign! Happy birthday Neil!

Here are the boys with one of their most underrated single (and the follow up to their breakthrough hit West End Girls): Love Comes Quickly.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Loving London...

Singer Marianne Faithfull loves London. She has revealed the track listing for Give My Love to London, out in September.

"My new record is finished – 11 songs that I am so proud of. I'm looking forward to you hearing the album and to reading your reactions...September seems so far away doesn't it? In the meantime here is the tracklisting, most of them are brand new songs with two covers (I'm sure you will work out which they are). Love, Marianne x." 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bareback Saint...

In an amazing and surprising career move and, in his own words, "the biggest challenge of my career so far", Erasures Andy Bell is Torsten The Bareback Saint

Andy sings in character as an age-defying polysexual in an all new solo album that is the soundtrack to the theatre show of the same name. A theatre show that is headlining the Assembly - Venue One, George Square at the 2014 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and which, even before opening, has been already been named in The Times newspaper as being in their Times 2 ''Top Ten Pick Of The Fringe''. 

Torsten The Bareback Saint is a highly theatrical and moving song-cycle of lyrical postcards from the hotspots of an outsiders memory; memories from a life lived as a semi-immortal, learned sensualist. Andy Bell as Torsten sings deeply affecting expositional songs that incrementally illuminate his extraordinarily mysterious life as a man disconcerted by his own bizarre experience of the nature of passing time.

The album is released on July 28th and can be pre-ordered here

ERASURE - The Violet Flame (2014)

The new Erasure album, The Violet Flame, will be released on September 22nd.
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