Thursday, March 31, 2011


A video made by Take That for the 2011 Comic Relief. Absolutely hilarious!


I think I actually forgot to post this hilarious Kylie commercial here at the blog. Shame on me! Anyways, here it is - it is VERY funny!

Thanks to the wonderful Marky, who runs the best Kylie blog in the galaxy - do check it out:


So, how is music selling these day? Well,  a lot less then it once did! However, the good news is that in most countries people still prefer to buy the actual CD's instead of some bloody mp3s!

The decline of music sales is astonishing though - mostly thanks to people that still think there is nothing wrong with just stealing the albums (amongst other things) they like online, without ever paying for it. I cant for the life of me understand how so many people see this as any different then actually going into the record stores and stealing all the cd's and dvd's they want. But anyways: Germany is now the third biggest music market in the world, while the UK slip down to number 4.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Love this! The brand new debut single from a girlband that actually seems to have an edge: Stooshe.


A single from the upcoming Kate Bush project "Director's Cut" has been announced. It will be a new version of "Deeper Understanding". The song was originally released on 1989's "The Sensual World". The new version will be released on April 5th.

Here is the new version in full:

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This week, four new albums came out that I need to buy! It seems that the year is off to a wonderful start recordwise, at least for me. In addition to several records released recently that I need, here are the latest additions:

When Ronan Met Burt

This week saw the release of  the new Ronan Keating album - a collaboration between him and the legendery genious Burt Bacharach. It went straight in at number 5 on the UK album chart. 


At number 10 is the new Chris Brown album - a major improvement chartwise over his last album, which peaked at number 55 in the UK and number 7 in the US (F.A.M.E is said to be going in at number 1 in the US!).

Duran Duran must be thrilled! "All You Need Is Now" comes in at number 11! Without the financial support of a mjor label (they are releasing the album themselves) and without another intro single (the title track was released in December), this has to be considered a very good comeback - and a major improvement over their last effort, which peaked at number 44 on the UK charts! In addition, their "Greatest" album re-enters the chart at number 37.

And finally, we have The Human League. They debut in the exact same place with "Credo" as their last album did 10 years ago: number 44. While it would have been nice to see a higher chart placing, it is not unexpected - and still quite respectable for a project that has had no real exposure (no TV performances, little airplay etc).

Next week sees the release of the new Britney Spears album, which has actually been getting very good reviews!


Danger - danger! The lunatics have taken over the asylum!!! This was the first single from Fun Boy Three, back in 1981 - love it!


The Human League are (like Duran Duran) releasing a brand new album this week. "Credo" is their 10th studio album, and the first one in 10 years.

File:Credo album cover.jpeg

I have always liked the group, although I must admit that I still dont own all of their albums (but I'm working on it). I remember them very well of course from the 80s (especially "Dont' You Want Me" and "Human"), but then they seemed to dissapear. So I was quite happy to have them back in 1995 when they scored a couple of surprise hits and a successful album. My song of the day is from that album.

But, as always: here is a look at the albums the group has released so far. They have been releasing music for more then 30 years, and sold over 20 million copies.


Right then - the song. I picked out their 90s comeback song "Tell Me When". I was very pleasantly surprised when I started to hear this on the radio in early 1995, and it was to become one of my favourite singles of the year.

 The song peaked at number 6 on the UK singles chart, and at number 31 in the US. This was their last UK top 10 single (to date).


Some tracks I love right now:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sometimes Even The Stars Need A Cab...

Queen Madonna (dressed like a little old lady) trying to get a cab in NY back in 1986.

And a much more glamorous Madonna in the same year - I still LOVE the way she looked during the "True Blue" era:


Duran Duran are releasing their new album "All You Need Is Now" this week - 30 years after their debut album came out. They have been doing loads of TV promo, including an ITV special, various TV performances in the US and an internet gig directed by David Lynch! The album is set to be on course for a UK Top 20 debut, and their "Greatest" album is set to return to the UK top 40 as well.

File:Duranduran all-you-need-is-now.png

All this of course means that I am in full on DD mode these days, and so the song of the day is a song by my favourite childhood group.

File:Duranduran allshewantsis.jpg

"All She Wants Is" may not be the most obvious choice perhaps - but I have always loved the singles from the 1988 "Big Thing" album. By that time, the band had lost two members and were struggling to find their place in a musical landscape that seemed to change almost overnight in the mid 80´s.

This was the biggest of the three singles released from the album in the UK, charting at number 9 (and number 22 in the US). It was the second single released from the album, following "I Dont Want Your Love" (UK #14, US#4).

Before the song though: to celebrate the release of the new album, here is a look at the records that came before. Some are fantastic, some are good, and some are not so good - but I have every single one of them in my collection.

A Different Kind Of Travel Map...

So, thinking about world travelling? Why, then you need the usual things - passport, plane tickets and maps. Oh yes, the maps are essential. And now there is a brand new world map avalable for those who feel they might need it. What kind of map, I hear you say? Why, a penis map!

Oh yes honey! World travelling doesnt happen that often, so you may find below (and free of charge, no less) the lovely penis map!

This magical map tells you all about the size of the different male "members" the world has to offer. Now, just pick your destination and have a safe trip...


Hurts have confirmed their next single release. It will be a double A-side of "Illuminated" and "Better Than Love". It will be released as a CD single and a 7".

"Better Than Love" was released as their very first single in May 2010. It peaked at number 50 on the UK singles chart and number 6 on the dance chart. Here is the video:

No word yet on if there will be a new video, or if there will be a video for the amazing "Illuminated" (there really needs to be a video!).

Hurts won the Best International Newcomer Award this week at the Echo Awards. They also performed at the event.

Illuminated/Better Than Love Tracklist:

Digital Bundle:
1. Better Than Love (original)
2. Better Than Love (Freemasons remix)
3. Better Than Love (Death in Vegas remix)
4. Better Than Love (Burns remix)
5. Illuminated (Original)

7” vinyl:
1. Illuminated (album version)
2. Better Than Love (album version)

I guess the CD single will be the same as the 7"...

Friday, March 25, 2011


Sade have announced that they are to release a greatest hits album later this year.

The group will put out The Ultimate Collection on May 3, which features 28 tracks spanning six studio albums.

The double-disc set also includes two brand new songs, in addition to a remix of their latest single 'Moon And Sky' featuring Jay-Z.

The retrospective LP follows the release of their first studio album in a decade, Soldier Of Love, last year, which topped the US album chart for three weeks and peaked at number four in the UK.

Sade's career has spanned 27 years, during which they have sold over 50 million albums worldwide and picked up four Grammy Awards.

The Ultimate Collection will also include a bonus DVD with Sade music videos and a unique code that grants you early access to tickets for newly-announced upcoming tour dates for Sade’s US Tour.

Their world tour kicks off in Germany on May 3 and includes a string of UK and US dates. The tracklist for the collection should be released shortly.
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