Monday, September 3, 2012

Turn Me Inside Out If You Can...

Here is part 2 of the career so far of Sandra (see Part 1 here).

The first single from Sandra's sophomore album was released in June 1986. It was a track called "Innocent Love", which became yet another big hit in Europe and peaked at #14 in Germany.

Mirrors was released on August 26th, 1986. It was produced by Michael Cretu and Armand Volker. It reached #16 in Germany and continued the same success all over Europe as the first one had previously done.  Michael Cretu used more of the writing and singing talents of Hubert Kemmler (who was already a popular singer in Germany under the name of Hubert Kah). He would continue to work with Sandra for several years, providing most of the male vocals heard on her songs.

Aside from the singles from the album, a noticeable album track is "Don't Cry (The Breakup of the World)", which opens the album and was written in reaction to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

"Hi!Hi!Hi!" was the second single from the album, released in September. It peaked at #7 in Germany and became yet another hit in Europe.


This was followed by the ballad "Loreen" in November, which peaked at #23 in Germany. It is the only single she released in the 80s that did not have an extended or remixed version of the song on the 12" release.

The final single from Mirrors was "Midnight Man", released in February 1987. It was yet another hit and peaked at #24 in Germany.


In August the same year Sandra released a cover of one of her favorite childhood tracks: "Everlasting Love" (""I have always loved it...Even as a little child I heard that song and I said that I would like to sing it sometime."). It became a big hit in Europe, charting at #8 in Germany.

The song also reached the UK chart at #88; the track was subsequently acquired by Pete Waterman, who had "Everlasting Love (the PWL mix)" (remixed by Pete Hammond) released in the UK in the summer of 1988 where it peaked at #79. However, the single re-entered the UK chart in December 1988 to rise as high as #45 in January 1989. The song also became a minor hit in Australia and in the US, where it peaked at #22 on the Billboard maxi single sales chart.

Sadly, the original vocals were erased from the master tapes by accident at the PWL studios, meaning that the song has never been remixed again using the original vocals.

Just two years after her spectacular debut, Sandra released the greatest hits compilation Ten On One in 1987. Accompanied with it was the video collection of the album giving fans a glimpse inside her private life and day-to-day routine. Included on the album were all her singles (including "Everlasting Love"), the Mirrors album track "Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World)" and another brand new song: "Stop For A Minute".

"Stop for a Minute", became another German Top 10 hit and was written especially for the German TV crime series Tatort, where Sandra appeared in one of the scenes performing the song.

On 7 January 1988, Sandra married Michael Cretu and relocated from Munich to the Spanish island of Ibiza. They then went on to start work on Sandra's next album.

To be continued.

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