Monday, August 17, 2015


Time for tracks. This time around there are a several mainstream guilty pleasures (some by people I never thought would make an appearance on these posts), some unintentionally hilarious/scary things and a few things that I find really good...


Jon said...

Heavens! Such a massive list. No wonder it has taken me a while to get through it - but I have, so let's go on with the show! You already know how much I adore the Nervo-Kylie-Jake-Nile collaboration. But what of the rest?

As is my wont, in a list this varied there will inevitably be some I think are stinkers. That thing by Shaggy (oh, gawd, is he still going?), Mohombi, Faydee & Costi is just a car crash of a record. One of them can sing, but it's certainly not Shaggy. And where is Scooby-Doo? Dave Audé ft Olivia Newton-John & Chloe Lattanzi - tacky, tacky, tacky... Livvy sounds dreadful, her daughter thinks she's Miss Aguilera and isn't even that good. Even Mr Audé can't save it. As for the hideous failed-plastic-surgery-public-warning-video, it's remarkable that even though she can't move her face much any more, ONJ looks miles better than the trout-child!

Speaking of plastic surgery, Miss Janet Jackson. As one wise commenter said about this whispering effort: "A song would have been nice". First Ladies of Disco? One might have thought that a combination of Evelyn 'Champagne" King, Linda Clifford and Martha Wash might have been a bit more, well, ermm, interesting? Gay video or no gay video, this dirge is a complete waste of three sublime talents. And on the subjects of "sublime" and "waste", how dare that little scrote with the blocked-up nose even dare to cover "Show Me Love"? Aaaargh!

I have never understood the appeal of Foxes - channelling her very best "Rachel Sweet" look for this video - it's almost as if the 80s never happened, and Fleetwood Mac were the only yardstick for music. What's "fresh" about this song? As for Lost Frequencies - something and nothing really. Sandra Lyng? Ditto.

Banks - nice voice, nice attitude, the song's OK, in a sort of Cranberries-without-the-oomph way. Miss Anna Naklab could do with some tips on "oomph", too. Her song sounds like it's destined for some commercial, possibly for tampons or suchlike.

Another Mika track, so soon? It's OK, if a bit characterless. If it had a bit of a remix, it could be a Simply Red B-side. Hmmmm. Miss Del Rey's song is OK too, but, as you are aware, she's not really "my cup of tea". Possibly because I don't smoke drugs.

Disconcertingly, Dionisi Sxoinas looks just like our (dodgy) upstairs neighbour; and his coterie of semi-clad extras in that video a) can't dance, and b) don't look convincingly as if they are actually enjoying themselves. The song is jolly enough, though (and would be even better if I were listening to it in some actual sun as opposed to the cold and gloom of this week's weather). Speaking of jolly - I thought "featuring Marc Anthony" was a warning, but Gente de Zona's calypso number made me smile, and dream of holidays... Zedd's overblown effort at a "dance anthem" just annoyed me, however.

That effort by your fave Max Barksih isn't bad at all (although I think Mr Ricky Martin might sue, as I reckon it sounds like it's one of his choons...) And Maitre Gims' chanson is rather good. It reminds me of something else, but I can't think what...

"I like sticky pearls." Don't we all, Miss Luzon? Superb video-erotica, and she just about manages to save the song from being yet-another-R'nB-sassy-chant (although as always, it would be better without that bloody rapper)...

What this world really needs is some F.U.N! And what other group than The Young Professionals would dream of doing an "ABBA-meets-DEVO" cover of S.O.S? Pure joy!

However, there is, as ever, one winner - and thank heavens for Xelle! Even Perez Hilton said their music is "an effing good time." Love, love, love it!

An exhausting, but fun, journey as ever. I'm so pleased your "blogging mojo" is (slowly) coming back - keep up the great work, sweetie!


Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Thank you for your comments sweetie, always enjoy them :)

Shaggy on a Tracks post? I'm even more shocked than you are my dear - but that song has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks. As for Olivia - that massacre of "Magic" is well below her standards (and that daughter of hers looks like a creepy drag queen with less vocal talents than,well, just about anyone!).

I will hear no bad words about Miss Jackson - I am thrilled she's back and I can't wait for the new album. I much prefer the original version of "No Sleep" though (without the bloody rap). I actually love the song, so laid back and funky...

I know you don't really care for Lady Lana, but along with the upcoming Janet album I am very, very excited about Lana´s new effort (out next month). And that video is just fabulous!

I must say I am rather surprised you liked the Gente De Zona number - I have always been a sucker for this sound (and yes, I also thought that Marc Anthony was a warning sign...).

I do love me some Max Barskih, yes ;) As for the Maitre Gims song, perhaps it reminds you of Indila? I agree about the rap in Miss Luzon's song but it still silly fun.

Xelle keep on giving me joy - this particular number does bring a smile to my face every time!

'Til next time!

Jon said...

I beat you to a new "tracks" post! Jx

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